Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I think this is a great program. It is nice to have the opportunity to have exposure to the latest computer tech. I played around with the different search engines that were made available. I learned about setting up a blog and tagging which are useful. I think staff should have some awareness as to the interest of the public. If this program was offered in the future, I would like to participate.


I think it is a great service with a variety of subjects. It's great for research and looking up information. However, the traditional hardpage books are easier on your eyes. Also, you can take the book to any room instead of sitting for hours in front of computer.


Library clips: Del.icio.us Poscast enabled feeds
This article has a post on using Del.icio.us tag RSS feed to collect mp3's and then subscribe to this tag in our podcatcher from the post. It explains by using mp3 feacture of del.ico.us, the rss feed is converted to include the mp3 files as enclosures. Just find the mp3 file and save the link to del.iiou.us and tag it. When searching for a podcast, just look into your del.icio.us account and grab any new link that has been tagged.

Monday, March 5, 2007

You Tube

I picked this video because of the scenery. There are a variety of topic to choose from. I chose traveling. I noticed videos in other languages as well. I could not tell by picking the video as to what language it may be.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week #8

I added five books on a variety of different subjects on my LibraryThing catalog. Out of all the books in my catalog, Hindoo Holiday: an Indian Journal had the most members. None of the books I selected had reviews. However, this book had member ratings of 3.33 out of a zero to 5 scale. It also had related tags associated with it. This item had the most expanded page with different options. The other books seemed like it was new or just not as popular. Other recommended books were made that were more popular.

Zoho Writer
I created an account with Zoho Writer. I played with this online word processor. I added, edited and looked at the different options that are available for this document. I also added a library template to my document.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I played with sandbox and added my blog. I explored the favorites and saw how people can add and edit to the different categories in the sandbox. I enjoyed playing around.

Wiki is a very useful tool for librarians in assisting patrons with on-line reference for homework help. It is a tool that is certainly an asset for library success. It is a source for all ages with abundance of information and knowledge that is shared. Although there are pros and cons, to Wiki, I feel the reliability of information is highly accurate.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Week #6 Tagging

Away from the Icebergs
This an interesting article. Libraries have changed so much. There has been a 55% drop in circulation over the past twelve years. People are not just relying on print material like in the past but can obtain information on the web.

I feel Technorati is also an interesting tool. I looked at some of comments on the blogsphere
and the different ways of searching. You are certainly able to reach out to people.

I think delicious is a useful and convenient tool since it can be accessed from any computer. It helps in social bookmarking on line.